Currently, looking for a job is a complex and competitive process that requires a clear and well-defined strategy. At Digital Tank, it is essential to have an effective strategy that allows candidates to stand out and maximize the chances of landing the desired job.


Planning is an essential part of the job search, since it helps to clearly define the objectives and strategies to follow to get the desired job. At Digital Tank, it is important to have tools so that users can properly plan their job search process.


The acquisition of skills and knowledge is a fundamental part of the job search, and having the right acquisition tools in Digital Tank can help users improve their career-relevant skills and knowledge and increase their chances of landing the desired job.


One of the most important tools of our promotion is the complete and detailed profile of the candidate. The profile should include relevant and salient information about the candidate’s skills, experience, achievements, and career goals. This way, employers can get to know the candidate better and get a better idea of ​​how they could bring value to the company.

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